Named in honour of Tsar Alexander I, "Tsar Spring" in situated along the Kallavesi paddling route and still provides cool and refreshing water year round. According to the history books, Tsar Alexander I stopped at Keisarinlähde on 10 June 1803 while inspecting the Russian border with Sweden.

History of Keisarinlähde

According to research by the local outdoors association, the Kallavesi trail has been used by wanderers for centuries. Tsar Alexander I is said to have drunk from the spring to quench his thirst while travelling along the shoreline of Kallavesi towards the east.

During the rapid development of Helsinki as the capital of Finland, Mäntyharju became popular as a holiday retreat for the upper classes. Many of the most famous families in Finland built summer villas by the lakes here. The Keisarinlähde spring was used also by these summer residents for drinking water.

Keisarinlähde has also been important for the wellbeing of local residents, and it has also given its name to the popular paddling route in Mäntyharju. The Keisarinlähde Loop takes in five lakes through varied scenery that can be enjoyed by canoe or kayak.

Useful information

There is a geocache at Keisarinlähde. You can get close to the cache by car, boat, canoe or kayak. If you are arriving by car, it is recommended to park in the sandy area 200 metres along the Kylmäläntie road. You can drive even closer, but this requires driving on private land.

The paddling route is marked on the outdoors map that can be purchased from Tourist Information in Mäntyharju (Asematie 3).

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vesipisteFresh water spring (Keisarinlähde)

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