Iso-Pappila Open-Air Museum

Local Museum of the Year in 2013

The history of Iso-Pappila dates back to 1812, when the impressive main building was built to serve as a rectory. Upon completion it was the biggest building in the area after the church itself. Later a community hall, large stone barn, sauna, stables, two granaries and a drying barn were added. The exterior of the main building, which is these used for summer exhibitions, dates back to the late 1850s. The community hall is typical of the country houses that were built in Mäntyharju a century ago. The exhibition in the cottage presents the local history of Mäntyharju from the 1920s to the 1950s through the photography of Nestori Kurvinen. The stone barn houses the Art Centre Salmela's Nino Terno Museum, while the exhibition on the second floor of the stone barn presents the largest collection of agricultural and forestry machinery in the South Savo region. Original equipment is also on display in the drying barn. At the back of the yard is an interesting display describing the history of outdoor toilets.

A small admission fee is charged to visitors over the age of 18.

Pappilanparvi Summer Theatre

Iso-Pappila is also the home of Mäntyharju's summer theatre stage and its new covered seating area. The stable café is open during theatre performances.

Veterans' Memorial Park and Military Dugout Museum

The Veterans' Memorial Park was built in the Iso-Pappila area in 1995. It contains a genuine military dugout, trenches, and a cannon from the Second World War. Photographs, objects and handwork from the wartime period are also on display. The Veterans' Memorial Park and Military Dugout Museum are maintained by the local veterans' association. Open in summertime and other times by appointment (contact Ismo Partio, +358 40 848 9541).

Iso-Pappilantie 2
52700 Mäntyharju
+358 15 770 111

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