Welcome to Mäntyharju!

Whether you are planning to visit in summer or winter, Mäntyharju has the holiday cottage you are looking for! Here you can rent a cottage for a weekend or for several weeks – just check in advance to see what's available. Altogether our cottages can provide accommodation for 900 people.

Mäntyharju is a vibrant rural community that offers plenty to see and do. The most popular attractions are Repovesi National Park and in summertime the Art Centre Salmela, Miekankoski and the Iso-Pappila Open-Air Museum. Favourite activities include cruises to the national park from Orilampi and our summer theatre productions. Visitors in summertime will also enjoy our outdoor markets and dances. Winter is the time for cultural events indoors, as well as for winter sports in the beautiful nature.

Mäntyharju is place of stunning unspoilt nature and clear blue lakes, yet it is also within easy reach. Kouvola and Mikkeli are not far away and offer lots of shopping opportunities and places to visit. There are limitless opportunities to experience new things here, especially in summertime when the entire Finnish lake district comes to life, but don't be afraid to visit in winter either for a truly unforgettable holiday!

Hope to see you soon!

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