Our philosophy

From the pen of the project manager

The initiative for creating a network of trails and routes between Mäntyharju and Repovesi National Park began in earnest in 2011, when the first project plan was drawn up.

The next six months were spent attracting funding partners, including local businesses to provide the required share of private funding. Altogether 44 local businesses agreed to participate, for which we are very grateful.

Mäntyharju is quite a unique outdoors destination in Finland in that we are accessible by train, we are relatively near the main international airport (Helsinki-Vantaa) and one of the country's most popular national parks is situated just 33 kilometres away.

The main inspiration that kept this project manager coming to work on dreary overcast days was my concern that, if we were unable to share the joy of nature with the rest of the world, soon we would have no more Mother Earth to enjoy. People need to see and experience for themselves the power that lies within our forests and the peace that it can generate within you even during a brief visit.

Many locals themselves are so used to the natural beauty that surrounds them that they seldom appreciate how unique it is to visitors from big cities, who may have as many neighbours in the surrounding apartment blocks as there are people living in the entire Mäntyharju region.

We are a gateway. The Northern Gateway to Repovesi National Park. The Gateway to Lakeland Finland. The Gateway to Summer. We are also Your Gateway to Nature.

Another very important inspiration was children and young people, as they are vulnerable to being taken for granted as nature is. We created a sledding hill so that kids could have fun without putting too much strain on their parents, so that they could enjoy them so much that they would want to come outdoors again and again. This gave rise to the Forest Playground, which is like our entire outdoors area in miniature and was designed with the help and input of local children and young people.

We are convinced that people need the nature and would spend more time outdoors if they only knew how and where. We are also convinced that, if we could tell people how many services are available here, people could enjoy the nature even more. And the more we enjoy nature, the more likely we will be to care for it for generations to come.

Our work has only just begun. As people get inspired to enjoy the outdoors more, so we are inspired to further communicate all the opportunities that can be found here in Mäntyharju. We will continue to do this to the very best of our abilities.

We invite you to get in touch with us if there is any way in which we can help you here!

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