Rock climbing

The most popular places for rock climbing near Mäntyharju can be found at Olhavalta in Repovesi National Park, where there are dozens of climbs for different levels of climbers.

According to tradition, the first person to climb a rock with a tail-rope gets to name the climb. Climbers obviously do not lack imagination, as the names at Olhava include "Peeping Lipids" and "Drowned Rat". The first climb to be named at Olhava was Vekara ("Kid") in 1975.

The climbs are also numerically rated according to level of difficulty. Some climbs follow fissures in the rocks while otherwise climb vertically up rock faces. The boats in the lake at Olahavanlampi are reserved for climbers. Further information about rock climbing is available on the websites of the Finnish Climbing Association and the Bouldering and Rock Climbing in Finland forum Slouppi.

There are several other rock climbing locations around Mäntyharju that are located on private land, so it is recommended to contact local climbers for further information about these.

Rock climbing and everyman's rights

Although rock climbing is included within the scope of everyman's rights in Finland, it is not recommended to attach bolts without asking permission first. Legally, a row of these bolts could be considered an outdoors trail, the creation of which requires the landowner's permission or an official survey. It is not permitted to change the appearance of another person's land, so drilling or construction is not allowed. A court of law may rule that the climbing bolts are only a minor inconvenience if there is no other land usage for the rock face. Of course, if the existence of the bolts causes a major influx of climbers from near and far, then the situation is fundamentally altered. Because of these legal considerations, Finland's environmental administration highly recommends that the landowner's permission always be asked or that only temporary bolts be used.

Further information
Finnish Climbing Association 



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