Fishing in Finland (with the exception of angling, jigging and ice fishing with a hook and line) is subject to license. All the waters in Mäntyharju are private, belonging either to a single property or shared among multiple properties. The waters and fishing rights are accordingly divided into fishing cooperatives. Each fishing cooperative is responsible for making all decisions pertaining to its waters, including license issues. If you are renting a holiday cottage in Mäntyharju and are interested in lure fishing during your stay, you should enquire about fishing licenses directly from the owner of the cottage. Local fishing entrepreneurs also have a thorough knowledge of all the fishing waters in Mäntyharju.

Fishing management fee and lure fishing license

Before lure fishing, persons between the ages of 18 and 64 must pay a fishing management fee. In addition, a lure fishing license is required. This can be either a provincial lure fishing fee or simply permission by the water owner. In addition, permission from the holder of local fishing rights is required for special fishing areas, such as rapids and running water in lakes and rivers populated by salmon, trout and whitefish. All of the rapids in Mäntyharju are special fishing areas.

The provincial lure fishing fee allows you to fish with one rod, reel and lure. It also permits trolling with one weighted lure or dipsey. Persons under the age of 18 and over the age of 64 do not have to pay the lure fishing fee. However, if you intend to fish with multiple lures per person, permission from the holder of local fishing rights is required regardless of your age.

For other types of fishing, such as fishing with nets, traps, seine fishing and trolling, the permission of the water owner is always required regardless of your age.

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