Accommodation in Repovesi National Park



Situated inside the national park by the Kuutinlahti bay, this cottage offers simple accommodation for up to 8 people. All the beds have good mattresses, and there is a kitchenette with cooking utensils and tableware.

+358 400 718 248




This cottage is situated in the heart of the national park by the Mustanlampi lake. It can sleep several people, and it comes with cooking utensils and tableware. There is also a gas stove and fridge. You can take water from the lake for the sauna and drinking water from the Olhava well.

+358 400 718 248



Saarijärven savottakämppä

This "loggers' cabin" is situated by the Saarijärvi lake near the northern entrance to the national park. The cabin has three separate rooms and is ideal for hikers. There is also a wood-heated sauna.

+358 400 718 248 



Tolosen talo

Enjoy the only accommodation in the national park with full electricity. There is even Internet! The guest rooms are upstairs, while the downstairs facilities are used by Metsähallitus and Tervarumpu, which provides a wide range of adventure services.

+358 400 718 248



Rental huts

Metsähallitus rents four Lappish huts in the national park that can be reserved and paid for on the Metsähallitus website. All proceeds go towards maintaining the national park.

+358 20 564 5916



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